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House Rules

Entry to the club is reserved for men 18 years and older.
We expect everybody to respect our house rules.

House rules of private club “THE BOOTS” (THEB Ltd.)

Entry to the club is reserved for men 18 years and older, who can show a valid membership card and a valid identity card.

1.1 Membership cards
Membership cards are non-transferable and must be shown, together with a valid identity card, when entering the club and also upon request by the manager and his staff. The holder declares to be aware of the rules.
A membership card can be cancelled at any time without any motivation or refund. Also loss of a membership card will be at the full expense of the customer.
It is the manager and his staff allowed to refuse people further access without any motivation, even people who had previously been a member. These persons are not entitled to any compensation for the remaining term of their membership card.

1.2 Beverage cards
Beverage cards must be paid for at the cash desk. Loss of this card will be charged in a €100 penalty. The Boots accepts no liability for any printing errors or possible errors on flyers and other information channels. Whatever the error, the original price is maintained. All disputes must be discussed by the customer on the spot, or within 10 working days in detail by mail addressed to The Boots’ management through .

In The Boots visitors are strictly prohibited to:

2.1 Make image and/or sound recordings. Mobile phones and other multi-media devices must be given in custody in the cloakroom. Club visitors are strictly forbidden from taking photographs or video recordings; those who do so will be removed from the club. If THEB Ltd. suffers a loss because visual material made by third parties is made public then we will recover the suffered losses from them ranging from a minimum of €500 to as much as hundreds of thousands of Euros. Judicial steps will be taken if necessary.

2.2 Use and/or sell illegal products. Anyone found possessing or using any illegal drugs will immediately be removed from the club. We also have the right to cancel their membership card without any refund and to refuse their entry to The Boots temporarily or permanently.
2.3 Use perfume or scents when visiting The Boots.

The Boots is a place where men interested in fetish and bdsm become acquainted. There is no obligation to participate in activities that don’t excite you, but it is no place for Peeping Toms.

In The Boots visitors must comply with the fetish rules that the club upholds. In general this means: leather,

rubber, skin, military, jeans, uniform, sportswear, or naked. Other fetishes are not allowed in The Boots, there are other places of entertainment for that. Detailed information regarding the dress code can be obtained at the reception or on our website

THEB Ltd. cannot be held responsible for possible accidents or their consequences, but we will do everything possible to provide first aid; if necessary we will call a doctor or the emergency services, all this at the visitor’s expense.
The manager and his staff cannot be held responsible for the theft of visitor’s personal property even if it is stored in the guarded cloakroom.

The manager of the club has the right to create video and audio recordings to promote specific events such as the annual skin weekend, Monster Meat Weekend, A Hard Night, and other events. He also has the right to create video and audio recordings for the development of promotional materials, both printed and online.
This material remains the property of the club. If other organizations wish to create footage for any purpose, this can only and only after written consent of the owner of the club.
The customer is allowed not take part on the recordings, but in that case he must report this immediately to the photographer. Once published, the customer loses any right of recourse.

The Boots promotes a safe sex policy. That’s why all visitors are offered free condoms, lubricating jelly and latex gloves. We demand that our visitors respect each other in our scene and that they inform each other if necessary. If dangerous activities are reported The Boots has the right to remove anyone who doesn’t respect this rule from the club. We also have the right to cancel their membership card without any refund and to refuse their entry to The Boots temporarily or permanently.

The use of the fire alarm is only permitted in case of fire. Misuse of the system may cause permanent exclusion from the club as well as all the costs due to this misuse (emergency services; fire brigade, ambulance, etc). Also lost revenue will be charged to the violator in a minimum €5000 fine.

The manager is allowed to adapt the house rules at any time and to apply the changes immediately, even on people who already owned a membership card.
The house rules can be consulted at the reception of the club, as well as online at the address

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