Is there a changing room / cloakroom in The boots?

Yes, you can arrive perfectly in evening wear to The boots. There’s a possibility to dress on-the-spot and to put everything away in the cloakroom. We provide coat hangers and plenty of space for bags and even compartments for smaller objects as eyeglasses and so on. It costs 2 euro per customer.

Is there a “shower” and “rinse” on the spot?

Yes we have shower and rinse possibilities,  both are equipped with cold/warm water, however, we must report that we do not provide towels, it is best to bring your own towel with you.

What does a visit to the boots cost.

If you are visiting the boots for the first time, it is best to go for an 8 euro day/weekend ticket. You also have to pay a minimum of 9 euro for drinks per visit, regardless of whether you consume them. A cloakroom costs 2 euros per user, but this is optional if your dress code complies with house rules.

Can I buy or reserve entrance tickets ?

No, you can never reserve or buy tickets in advance, not even on the most busiest days or for special themes.

Why we don’t answer the phone when someone calls ?

Since the covid-19 pandemic, so many telephones come in every day that it’s impossible for us to answer them all. All information is also on the website, if you think you have any questions or comments, you still can send an e-mail to info@the-boots.com, we will then adjust the website where necessary.

Footwear in The Boots ! ! !

Sorry, but in the boots you wear Boots, Work shoes, Sports shoes, … but don’t wear classic shoes, flip-flops, … if you don’t want them to end up on the ceiling 🙂

Can we smoke in the club ?

We are not in favour of smoking in the club, but if you really can’t resist, please respect the rules and use our smoking room on the 2nd floor where the bar is also located.

Charging of electric batteries for electrically powered vehicles.

After contacting our insurance broker, we find ourselves obliged to refuse the charging of batteries for electrically driven vehicles. This is all so that fire safety is not compromised.

No place to park your Car in the neighbourhood of the Boots club? 

The solution: Q-Park Antwerp Godefriduskaai | Zeevaartstraat 11 | 2000 Antwerpen
(6 Min. walk from the boots)

The solution: Apcoa Parking Antwerpen Sint-Jansplein | 2060 Antwerpen
(6 Min. walk from the boots)

If you’re coming to Antwerp by car, if necessary,  get your registration for the Low Emission Zone on the following link, both carparks are located in the low emission zone of Antwerp : www.slimnaarantwerpen.be/en/lez


If you have any urgent questions, feel free to ask them by mail: info@the-boots.com.


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