“Belgian Puppy Weekend” 2024

Like every year we reserve the Pentecost weekend (17 – 18 – 19 May ’24) for our puppies and their handlers, with a dog contest on Sunday. We also organize for the 5th time a private meeting on Saturday from 20.00h – 22.30h for dogs & handlers. All other clients outside the dog packet are welcome from 22.30h this weekend.
Our puppy weekend is proudly supported by ‘Mr B Antwerp’ & ‘Puppy Play Belgium’

Horse Fair – Sunday the 26th of May ’24

 “Horse fair” is a sex party concept @ the Boots. for the 42th time organized in the boots. The rules are easy : at the beginning of the party each person decides if he will be a mare or a stallion. Mares will be blindfolded and will be available for the stallions. The stallions can fuck the mares they want. A team of stable masters will watch, so that everything happens safe. More info in our online agenda. See you

Suzie Krueger’s HardOn – Saturday 1st of June ’24

It’s not the first time, and it won’t be the last time that we from the Boots welcome Suzie Krueger’s Hardon. Originally for almost 15 years London’s heaviest underground fetish party. Now again you can experience it at The Boots. DJ RW will bring The Boots Club in a higher atmosphere with his music, party starts at 22:30h

Mr B’s “PLAYGROUNDS” returns to The Boots

You’re horny and you want to live an adventure. Expect a great mix of people and a fully equipped darkroom created by the boss himself. Put on your fetish gear and get ready for a night you’ll never forget on Saturday the 15th of June 2024, starts at 22.00h

SneaXXX – Belgium Sportswear Weekend

SneaXXX is the main party of the Belgian sportswear weekend. Put your sneakers on and lets get sniffin’.

And for this edition, DJ …. travels to Antwerp to perform at “The Boots”

We have a treat for you! Make sure not to miss this party 6th of July 2024, doors open at 22.30h

“Monstermeat Europe” weekend 30, 31 Aug. & 1 Sept. “24

Monstermeat Europe weekend comes closer and closer. Plan your trip now, book your hotel, … for this amazing weekend, and don’t miss our “Mister Bulge 2024” election

“Fistival weekend” @ The Boots – 11, 12 and 13 September ‘24

Enjoy the better handwork on this weekend at the boots 🙂 on Friday we start with an open bar from 21.30h till 22.30h, afterwards we go deep with “Fist and Chips”, on Saturday we go deeper with “Fist legend” at 22.30h and we finish this weekend with the deepest drilling’s on Sunday with “Fist Lounge” at 17.00h …

New Park your car rules  in Antwerp

Dear visitors of the Boots
On 1 August 2023, the parking policy in Antwerp will change, and there are many questions about this, hence this notice.
The Boots is NOT located in the zone where parking rules will become stricter, but we are close to it, so please check here the Antwerp website for more details, so you can avoid fines.
Parkeren historisch centrum – 1 August ’23 | Slim naar Antwerpen


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