Darklands Belgium ’24– 11 Days of hot fun @ The Boots

“Total Eclipse”

Saturday- 02/03/2024

Total Eclipse – with DJ Sen Etan

Daylight ceases to exist, nightfall unfolds the inevitable. The boots stands ready to energize. DJ Sen Etan obscured sets will drive you into the shadow of bodies where darkness unravels as light. Feel free to stay for the official ‘Rage’ afterparty.

Handy tip to leave our club smoothly
Since we experience quite a few problems with card payments, at most times it will go smoother if you pay cash.

Doors 21.00h – …
Dress code All fetishes welcome
Price 21.00h – 04.00h Regular entrance prices + 8 euro
Price after 04.00h 8 euro
Presale There is no presale



022 – 634

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