41 Years ” The Boots”
Slave Market

Sunday – 10/11/2024


Some rules…

The entrance fee of 5 euros is for the benefit of Sensoa’s “free Condom” project but this amount can also be used to buy slaves. You can also use friends’ discount coupons to bid more, of course you may bid as much as you wish, the remaining amount can be paid in cash at the checkout at the end of your visit. Slaves should keep their voucher and submit it at checkout, they can thus recover their €6 entrance fee.

New: The slave who gets the highest bid, will receive a 6 month membership card for the boots for free. | The master who does the highest bid, will receive a 6 month membership card for the boots for free.

Each slave has a form filled in with their desires, these will be read out in brief before the slave is sold. Novice slaves (under 30), can demand that the master is not too old. Sold slaves can buy themselves free at the value of the highest bid. The slave is given the form to give it to his master personally.

Slaves are expected to present themselves naked except for Boots or other footwear, this for safety reasons (broken glasses), but if they wish to wear a harness, mask, hand and/or foot cuffs, collar, jockstrap, … then we will certainly tolerate that. Sold slaves are owned by the master for 1-2 hours.

Every slave has the word “STOP” as the stop word. If the slave uses the stop word, then the master is obliged to stop, after consultation with the slave, the game can be continued or ended.

Only “SAFE SEKS” will be allowed.

All proceeds from the sale and admission will go 100 per cent to Sensoa’s free condom project. After the sale, donations in favour of the charity can be made at the cash desk or bartender, these will be noted on the card (Sensoa: € …).

Party 15.00h- …
Doors 15.00h- 19.00h
Dress code All fetishes welcome
Entrance € 7 to all (free entrance for slaves)
Presale There is no presale

081 – 912

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