Saturday – 14/12/2024

supported by:
Belgian Rubber Men

Tonights guideline: Rubber or Neoprene

The Boots organizes it’s rubber/Neoprene only party with the support of “Belgian Rubber Men”

Please note that we have a strict rubber / Neoprene only dress code until 22.30h. After that, the party goes on during the regular Boots Saturday evening concept at 22.30h where all fetishes become reality.

Between 21.00h and 22.30h no entrance is possible, so be on time!.

Party 20.00h – ……..h
Doors closed 21.00h – 22.30h
Price Regular entrance prices
Dress code Strict Dress Code: Rubber, Neoprene
 Presale There is no presale


011 – 953

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