41 Years ” The Boots”

Friday – 22/11/2024

Fetish lab is the ideal moment for new bees to come and have a look in that big dark building of The Boots. You never know what to expect in the Lab, but you can be sure it’s going to be horny. And youth must be served! Our master of the house will let you try some groovy stuff. Ever been wondering about all those toys in a sex shop?

This editions we have our classic Vacum bed, a bondage show, into electro? Also this is available …

Do you think you can organize something else on the Fetish Lab? Please let us know 😉

Touch an authentic leather sling. Get initiated in bondage. Boys start with Fetish Lab: self-exploration at it’s best.

Crazzzy Night !!!
Yes, tonight the prices of all the drinks are reduced

Doors 22.30h- …
Dress code No dress code
Price Regular entrance prises
Drinks @ reduced prices
Presale There is no presale

082 – 925

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